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Welcome to episode 4 of What Sarah Said, a podcast where I, Sarah Houghton, will answer your questions.

Today’s question, uhh rather questions, come from Johan, and he writes:

Ten questions for you from a fan.  Quick. Rapid fire.  Don’t think.

So to honor that I will ask each question and give my answers as rapidly as I can.

#1: What is your favorite band?  The Cure.  You know, a little competition from The Smiths or Siouxsie and the Banshees or bands like, you know, Crystal Castles or other bands I’ve discovered recently.  But man, heart of hearts, Disintegration–best album ever.

#2: Who is your favorite living author?  Neil Gaiman, hands down.

#3: Who is your favorite not-living author?  I just love the way that was phrased.  Easy answer there too as well–Philip K. Dick, who is actually local here to San Rafael and I moved here without even knowing that and that was pretty neat.

#4: What is your favorite movie?  The Piano.  Watched it in high school, fell in love with it, still love it, think it’s the best film ever made ever.  Go Jane Campion. Yay!

#5: What did you eat for dinner last night? I ate a homemade vegan pot pie.  It was frozen.  I had made a big batch about a month ago, but it was homemade to begin with so I think that still counts.  And as I recall, 1 1/2 glasses of a very thick merlot.

#6: What did you do for prom?  I did not go to prom.  So what I did for “not prom” was that I bought about $40 worth of dessert items, so this would be like ice cream, and cookies, and cake, and I remember there was some kind of big container of chocolate mousse.  I’m really not sure how that came to be. And then I also bought about $40 of illicit alcohol and locked myself down in my parents’ basement and watched Clockwork Orange over and over and over again while drinking alcohol and eating mass quantities of sugar.  So that was my prom. Not something I wished to repeat.  However, at the time it seemed like a good idea.

#7: Who is your biggest inspiration?  My maternal grandmother who passed away last year continues to be my biggest inspiration.  She faced a lot of obstacles in life, and a lot of difficulties in her private life, but always made sure in her interactions with other people–either her family, her friends, people through organizations that she was a member of–that she was always making their lives better, happier.  That she was helping them feel more empowered, stronger.  And making them feel special, making them feel loved.  That’s something that I aspire to do but I can never do it as well as she did.  But that selflessness and the kindness that she showed other people continues to be an inspiration to me.

#8: What is your favorite store?  There is a store called Stop Staring online. They’re based out of Southern California as well with a physical shop.  And that is where I buy most of my dresses.  And I love them.  I love them.  I love them.  Everything fits perfectly.  The dresses are beautiful.  Some cross between like ‘20s to ‘40s couture and gothy punky goodness.  So I love their stuff.

#9: What’s your favorite restaurant?  That would be Millennium, in San Francisco, which is a gourmet vegan place with great cocktails and even better food.

And then lastly Johan’s question #10: Why do you like libraries so much?  To me, libraries are the cornerstone of any civilization.  And I don’t say that lightly.  I actually believe that.  We level the intellectual playing field.  We democratize information and expertise, so that anyone can learn anything anytime and we will help them.  And as I often say when I speak to groups of library professionals, that is the most noble goal I can think of.  And that tells me I’m in the right profession.  I’m very happy with what I do every day.

So thank you, Johan, for your ten questions.  I hope you guys learned something about me.

We’ll see you next time for episode 5 of What Sarah Said.  Thanks for tuning into episode 4.

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