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Web Conferencing for Libraries

February 17, 2006

The January/February issue of ONLINE Magazine contains an article entitled "Web Conferencing for Libraries: ‘Can You Hear Me Now?’"   Definitely a good read if your library wants to think about incorporating web conferencing as a way for staff to communicate or perhaps as a way to offer training to users.  To me, the big limiting factor for web conferencing is still the huge dollar sign ($or thereabouts) that accompanies any discussion of products like this.  I think that an underutilized tool in libraries is the webcam.  Have your monthly meeting with your boss via webcam if you work in different locations.  Communicate with staff at different locations that way.  Heck, I’d be happy if more libraries started using IM in libraries as a staff communication tool, but that’s still a pipe dream for most of us.

“Web Conferencing for Libraries”

  1. Greg Says:

    Thanks for the pointer. I’ve been espousing web conferencing as an alternative to on-site training for resource-constrained branches.

  2. Sarah Houghton (LiB) Says:

    No problem. Glad to help!

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