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Super-Floppy Keyboard

February 10, 2004

Wow, this is cool. The product reviewer even folded the keyboard over a cat, as you can see. And we all know that that is the one true technology test for any librarian 😉 I’m considering ordering one, just for kicks. Take a look at URTrend Technology’s website for more cool stuff.

“Super-Floppy Keyboard”

  1. Courtney Says:

    Had that there for ages…

  2. Librarian in Black Says:

    Thanks Courtney! It’s hard to tell if the one at ThinkGeek is the same brand or not, but yeah, it does look the same. I love ThinkGeek’s geek-wardrobe… I have two Ts already, and have several more on my wishlist…ahhhh, geekdom.

  3. Jenica Says:

    Oooh..I dunno what I’d do with it, really, or why it’d be better than my normal keyboard…but I want one.

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