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The SOPA and PROTECT IP bills scare the heck out of me.  They have the potential to allow entertainment companies to decide what information is okay to share and what information is not, which sites are okay and which are not, and popular sites like Facebook and Twitter could get completely shut down for a single infringing link (or, what a single judge decides is an infringing link).  Scare you?  Want to know more?  Watch this short video and get a brief education in the scary workings of SOPA and PROTECT IP.

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

“SOPA and PROTECT IP are dangerous for the future of digital information”

  1. Patty Says:

    Hi there.

    Please consider joining the strike against SOPA by making your website “go dark” on 1/18/12. Here is the petition site:

    Sites such as Boing Boing and Reddit are on the bandwagon. You could reach our much needed librarian contingent that seems to be mostly ignoring or oblivious to the Internet censorship issue.

    Also, please consider showing what people can do about SOPA. They can SWAMP their legislators with calls, emails, facebook messages, tweets and onward. They can find out which members of Congress support SOPA here:

    If they don’t know who their representative is, they can go here to find out:

    (They will need to know their 9-digit zip code, if they don’t know it, they can go here to find out:!input.action

    Fill out all of the address except for your zip and press “Find.”)

    If they don’t know who their senators are, they can go here:

    Heck, if folks want talking points of what to say to their representatives, they can go here and get that info:

    Then start respectfully disagreeing with all of the idiots in our government who want to pass these ambiguous and awful bills.

    Finally, don’t forget to show your ire to the corporations that allegedly support SOPA and PIPA. Wired has an unfortunately large list that includes everyone from the NBA to HarperCollins:

  2. Terezita Overduin Says:

    You have inspired me:

  3. Rhiannon Says:

    I’m doing research on internet filtration in public libraries for a school assignment. I had no idea that PROTECT IP and SOPA were so influential and it is completely wrong what they are doing. Thank you for making me more aware, this is a great site.

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