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Posting from Sea

January 10, 2004

Happy Birthday to LiB, Happy Birthday to LiB, Happy Birthday to LiB, Happy Birthday to LiB (you know, those lyrics are very boring). I’m a whopping 27 today, though I don’t look a day over 18 😉 Tomorrow the cruise is over, and I’m back to posting like a normal blogger. Yay! I’m coming away without an iPod, but with a bitchin’ tan. Go pasty girl! In the meantime, go read Library Stuff (my favorite blog). Be back soon!

“Posting from Sea”

  1. Jenica Says:

    Happy Birthday!

    From my oh-so-much older age of 28, I can tell you…27’s still not old enough to get the older generation of librarians to think you’re ‘old enough’, but it’s still young enough that you can sell your youth as ‘diversity’ in an interview. 🙂

    Anyway, happy birthday! There’s nothing like random well wishing from strangers on the web…

  2. Librarian in Black Says:

    Hmmmm…youth as diversity. I’ll have to remember that. So far, I’ve found it only to be a hurdle.

  3. theresa Says:

    Hey LiB, Happy Bday! Sorry no iPod yet – you are well and truly deserving of any present (past or future too)!

  4. Jenica Says:

    Youth as diversity…it works, actually. In my last job interview, they were asking questions from some list they’d compiled, and one was, “How will you bring diversity to our library?”

    I said, with all confidence, “I’m much younger than most of your current librarians, and while that means I have less experience, it also means I have a very different perspective on libraries, technology, and academia.”

    They were very impressed. And I got the job. 🙂 And, since I’m a middle class white girl, it’s about all the diversity I’ve got to offer…

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