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Post from Nassau, Bahamas

January 5, 2004

Hello all. I am posting just as we are leaving port in Nassau, Bahamas. I was previously misinformed about the ship…I am on the Royal Caribbean line, the Grand Mariner of the Seas ship. It is insane. 3600 passengers, an ice skating rink, a shopping mall, 4 dining halls, basketball courts, a 9-hole golf course…all that middle-American indulgence up in my face and personal. Oy. I won’t be posting again until I return (01/12) as this joke of an Internet Cafe is 50 cents a minute, and has a connection speed slower than anything I’ve ever dealt with. Oh, and there’s a library *wink wink* Read: a bunch of best-selling fiction on shelves in a room with lush leather chairs and low lighting. And, of course, no librarian. But, whatever. If people read the books, that’s good I guess. Well, ta ta for now from the Bahamas…

“Post from Nassau, Bahamas”

  1. The Illustrated Librarian Says:

    I think that ship NEEDS a librarian! Why not drop off a job application? –TIL

  2. nicolas Says:

    I don’t know if I’d really like to be a librarian and actually *live* on this ship. The library I’d set up there would probably look something like “the 10 books you’d take on a deserted island”

  3. David Dodd Says:

    Hey–did you ever read David Foster Wallace’s *A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again*? A great essay on going on a cruise…

  4. Walt Crawford Says:

    I was going to skip this, but:

    Most cruise-ship libraries are stocked (and replenished) by Ocean Books (an old friend of mine is now head of the U.S. division). The company does take the ship’s probable clientele into account, of course. I’d guess that some of the very small and specialized ships stock their own bookcases.

    In my limited experience, some cruise ships do have someone checking things in and out; we’ve run into a couple of library school students and people with the equivalent of a Library Technician AA degree. They usually have other duties as well. And some ships operate 24-hour libraries on the honor system.

    I can’t imagine a ship with an honest-to-MLS full-time librarian–after all, even the most gargantuan ship is a community of 3,000 people or fewer, only there for a week or so–but who knows? In any case, ship libraries do result in a lot more books (and sometimes a wider range of books) being read on board: Not a bad thing.

    [Yes, I speak from experience: We’ve been seeing the world by cruise ship for years now.)

  5. Librarian in Black Says:

    The library on this ship had no one there, just a little binder for people to sign things in and out. Personally, the thought of being a librarian on a cruise ship is rather distressing…and really, they probably don’t need one. After all, people don’t go on cruises to do research–they go to relax. Which is exactly what I did, sans library 😉

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