Bloggie Time

January 12, 2004 | Comments (2)

Hey y’all. It’s January, time to nominate your favorite blogs, blog-related sites, articles, and engines for the Bloggie!

Nielsen’s is a great site on info tech usability that all tech librarians should have on their happy-site list (has an RSS feed too). His newest suggestions for cleaning up info glut are wonderful, and have some suggestions for companies/organizations as well as individuals. Please, anything that will result in less than 150 useless e-mails a day in my inbox…please.

Posting from Sea

January 10, 2004 | Comments (4)

Happy Birthday to LiB, Happy Birthday to LiB, Happy Birthday to LiB, Happy Birthday to LiB (you know, those lyrics are very boring). I’m a whopping 27 today, though I don’t look a day over 18 😉 Tomorrow the cruise is over, and I’m back to posting like a normal blogger. Yay! I’m coming away without an iPod, but with a bitchin’ tan. Go pasty girl! In the meantime, go read Library Stuff (my favorite blog). Be back soon!

LiB in St. Maarten

January 8, 2004 | Comments (2)

Hello my devoted readers (those few of you that there are). I am writing from the Dutch side of St. Maarten (there’s a French side too). Apparently, if you want to buy expensive jewelery, mass amounts of liquor or cigarettes, or electronics, the Caribbean is the place to do it. Walked into an electronics store today and heard someone bartering for an MP3 player. I had to do a double-take on that one. The “No, really, I’ll give you a good deal….” is still something new to my American ears. Of course, the one thing I was looking for in the electronics store, an Ipod, wasn’t there. Ah well, back to America it is.

Hello all. I am posting just as we are leaving port in Nassau, Bahamas. I was previously misinformed about the ship…I am on the Royal Caribbean line, the Grand Mariner of the Seas ship. It is insane. 3600 passengers, an ice skating rink, a shopping mall, 4 dining halls, basketball courts, a 9-hole golf course…all that middle-American indulgence up in my face and personal. Oy. I won’t be posting again until I return (01/12) as this joke of an Internet Cafe is 50 cents a minute, and has a connection speed slower than anything I’ve ever dealt with. Oh, and there’s a library *wink wink* Read: a bunch of best-selling fiction on shelves in a room with lush leather chairs and low lighting. And, of course, no librarian. But, whatever. If people read the books, that’s good I guess. Well, ta ta for now from the Bahamas…

Liquid Layouts

January 2, 2004 | Comments Off on Liquid Layouts

What is a liquid layout and why do I need one? (Sounds like something having to do with too many vodka martinis & losing consciousness in a park). Liquid layouts allow your website to modify itself to fit within the user’s window, no matter the size. Liquid layouts move around when you resize a window. It’s a good step toward creating a user-friendly site. Russ Weakley from Max Design has written a great article on doing liquid layouts the easy way.

Steven Faulkner ocf the National Information and Library Service has developed a Web Accessibililty Toolbar for Internet Explorer. It validates HTML & CSS, tests screen resolutions, styles, and more. This is definitely getting added on my PC…very cool.

Laser Keyboard

January 2, 2004 | Comment (1)

iBIZ Technology Corp. is planning to bring its Virtual Laser Keyboard to market in the next few months. The keyboard is compatible with most handheld devices, and will retail for $99.99. I think that owning one of these would up my cool factor considerably…

Fixing PC Annoyances

January 1, 2004 | Comments Off on Fixing PC Annoyances

I just found October’s PC World article on how to fix the worst PC annoyances. My favorite tip had to do with calming IE’s propensity to re-size bulky images to fit the screen, which always irritated the *$@& out of me. This is a great 7 page article, something I plan to distribute to our library staff en masse. Good stuff.

New MSN Messenger Worm

December 31, 2003 | Comments Off on New MSN Messenger Worm

Trend Micro reports a new worm (Jitux) that spreads through MSN Messenger. It is reportedly harmless to infected machines. Is there any hope that Microsoft will ever build a secure piece of software? *I do believe, I do believe, I do believe*