Harry Potter Trailers

January 21, 2004 | Comments (0)

Some teaser trailers for the new Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Neil Gaiman just had his photo taken for an ALA Read poster. Yay! That one will certainly find its way into my office somehow or another… He mentioned it in his journal, which is always a good read. Any Sandman or Neverwhere fans out there? has a list of the 100 most frequently misspelled words, with tricks for remembering how to spell them correctly. Don’t just rely on spellcheck people!

Website Mixmaster

January 18, 2004 | Comment (1)

TopFX has created a truly unique way to waste time. You pick one website for layout, another for content, and combine the two! Now, this can be useful if you want to see what your content would look like in a site that has a super-awesome design. It’s also good for complete procrastination.

Google Deathmatch

January 18, 2004 | Comments (2)

Cheese enchilada vs. french onion soup? George Bush vs. Osama Bin Laden? Cats vs. dogs? Marilyn Manson vs. Marilyn Monroe? Now you can find out who would win! Googlefight is pure unadulterated fun.

Ian Lloyd’s article on building the perfect 404 error is wonderful. Now, if only I had control over our web server, perhaps I could employ some of these suggetions… Alas, part of being a county library is that our site sits on the county server. I think it’s the same pretty much everywhere. But, for those of you lucky ducks who do run your own server, this article will prove to be most helpful.

This made me smile, but then again, I am easily amused.


January 16, 2004 | Comments (2)

At last! A new site, Free-After-Rebate, lists all those great free after rebate deals that Circuit City, Office Depot, & Office Max run from time to time. I can’t tell you how many slim jewel cases I’ve gotten that way. As long as you’re willing to fill out some paperwork, xerox some stuff, and wait 6-8 weeks, it’s a great deal. This site goes on my Favorites list for sure.

BBC reports that Japan has just sentenced Monotori Kishi to a year in prison for distributing obscene literature. Kishi has naturally appealed the decision. I don’t know how many Americans are familiar with manga as genre, but most of it has sexual content. Something I didn’t know is that 45% of books and periodicals sold in Japan are manga. I find this decision quite frightening, and an act of censorship on its purest level. If anyone can define pornography for me, in a way that everyone can agree to, let me know, ok? I’ve been looking for that elusive definition for quite some time now.

LiB’s Top 25 Feeds

January 16, 2004 | Comments (0)

Alright, so I’ll indulge my loving users’ need to know my top 25 feeds. The links are directly to the feeds, for all ya’ big RSS freaks, and I know you’re out there. Yes, I like Wil Wheaton. Scoff away 🙂

Library Stuff
DrWeb’s Domain : a library weblog
The Shifted Librarian
Search Engine Watch
Library Link of the Day
Free Range Librarian
Wired News
BBC News | Technology | World Edition
Lockergnome’s Technology News
Computerworld News
Cool Tools – Latest News Stories
Google News Search: librarian
Sci Fi Wire
Wil Wheaton Dot Net
Gaming news