Mr. Bush (I shall not to call him President), has urged the renewal of the Patriot Act. Fortunately, we have some activists in Congress trying to weaken it, particularly as it applies to privacy rights. Hopefully ALA & other organizations will start sending out action notices so we can all make our librarian-voices heard.


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Turn your handwriting into a font! Fontifier allows you to download a free file, write out letters & numbers in your own handwriting, and then turns your handwriting into a custom style. Directions for how to do this are available at TechTV‘s Call For Help site. This is so completely kewl.

North Texas reference librarian, Monika Antonelli, voices the Dragonball Z characters Puar (a blue cat) and Chiaotzu (a little boy). You go girl! Librarian + Anime = GOOD. You can get the full article here.

Toyota is offering an “auto-parallel-park” feature on their Prius model. As someone who lives in San Francisco, and can’t parallel park worth a darn, this is mighty tempting. It’s $2200 more, which is somewhat un-tempting. Oh well, perhaps with time the price will go down. Incidentally, growing up in the midwest, and having taken my driver’s ed test there, no one ever tested us on, or even taught us, parallel parking. It’s a skill I had to master later in life….well, errr, not “master” maybe. Was this just a lapse in my particular suburb’s driver’s education? Or is this a common thing?

Wormy Worm

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It’s heeeeeere! The “Bagle” or “Beagle” worm arrives as an attachment to an e-mail with the subject line “Hi” and “test : )” in the body text. The worm is activated when a user clicks on the attached file. Check out the Washington Post article (via Yahoo) for more info.

“Want to see what today’s print version of your favorite newspaper looks like online? Two services offer reproductions of dozens of newspapers from around the world. ” Thanks to Chris Sherman from for writing this article, and highlighting this important resource. As we in Marin County (home of Muir Woods, Sausalito, Mt. Tamalpais, and one of the best parts of Hwy 101 for biking) have a lot of travelers coming through, a good # of them international, this is of particular interest to me. By the way, when in Marin, McClure’s Beach near Point Reyes is the best beach if you’re looking for something secluded. How’s that for off-topic?

Information Research just published Wallace Koehler’s article on document persistence on the web. The verdict (short version)? Some types of web documents are more stable than others.

Harry Potter Trailers

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Some teaser trailers for the new Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Neil Gaiman just had his photo taken for an ALA Read poster. Yay! That one will certainly find its way into my office somehow or another… He mentioned it in his journal, which is always a good read. Any Sandman or Neverwhere fans out there? has a list of the 100 most frequently misspelled words, with tricks for remembering how to spell them correctly. Don’t just rely on spellcheck people!