February 18, 2004 | Comments Off on Yahoooooooo-new

Yahoo launched a new search engine today. Check out Chris Sherman’s article on Search Engine Watch for more detailed information. Let’s test this thing out…

Muppet Woes

February 18, 2004 | Comments Off on Muppet Woes

Godammit. Disney bought the Muppets.

I have a distinct feeling that they’re going to frell this up, just like they did with Winnie the Pooh. Now, I admit I am an A.A. Milne purist, but Pooh does not wear a shirt, except when it’s winter and he wears a little red sweater. Nor is his fur orange. And yet, Disney deemed it necessary to clothe the poor bear and make him a bright unnatural color. What’s next? Will Gonzo’s nose be replaced with something less phallic? Will Miss Piggy and Kermit be “just friends”? Oh dear…

Weed it Baby

February 18, 2004 | Comments Off on Weed it Baby

A goodnatured article on weeding. Personally, I derive great joy from weeding. Maybe a little too much. I think, for me, the satisfaction is similar to that which I feel when I clean a closet or re-organize my kitchen cupboards. I know, Type A personality issues… I embrace my neuroses!

Well, that’s nice. Just got an AT&T phone plan. Son of a…. I know these mergers don’t usually affect service, but something about this one makes me feel kind of icky. Then again, maybe my crappy reception will improve, and my coverage area will get bigger (as they promise it will). *cross fingers*

Ten Tips for Managing a Successful Web Redesign

February 17, 2004 | Comments Off on Ten Tips for Managing a Successful Web Redesign

Computerworld has a new article on successful web redesigns, something every library should do every few years or so. The ten tips they offer are brief, but serve as good reminders for the basic things to consider when changing your virtual look.

ADHD Information Online

February 13, 2004 | Comments Off on ADHD Information Online

Research Buzz highlights a new online library of ADHD information. The site’s server is getting overloaded with the amount of traffic generated by Research Buzz’s post, so the site may not work right away…


February 13, 2004 | Comment (1)

Alright, everybody else is posting about it, so here ’tis. Furl is a new web browsing tool that lets you save and organize useful web pages in a personal “web page filing cabinet”. An alternative to Explore at will!

Down with Elsevier!

February 12, 2004 | Comments Off on Down with Elsevier!

Cornell is dropping several hundred Elsevier subscriptions, a move that Elsevier (of course) is downplaying. Cornell’s deal with Elsevier is still costing them $1.7 million and consumes a fifth of the university’s total periodical budget. To me, that is still insane. Other universities are expected to follow suit, some cancelling Elsevier subscriptions altogether. I say, good for them. Elsevier has abused its monopoly on scientific journals for a long time, and is a prime reason the open source journal movement has really taken off. Shame on them for being so greedy–they deserve to lose customers, and money.
If you’re interested in how online and print publication prices have spiraled out of control, check out this recent article in the Charleston Advisor. The author writes: “[W]hen we buy journals which cost a lot, we should be able to expect that “a lot” translates into a figure that is not the same thing as “perfectly outrageous.” Good reading.

Geez, two HP posts in a week. You’d think I was a fan or something. Anyway, there’s this great downloadable game (for PCs and Macs) of Harry Potter Trivia. It’s a little slow-moving, but that would be a good thing for kids who don’t read very fast… Or hey, maybe it just seemed slow because of the 4 cups of coffee I have coursing through my veins.

Catwoman Game

February 12, 2004 | Comments Off on Catwoman Game

While I still have to be convinced that Halle Berry will make a good Catwoman (I am much attached to the Michelle Pfeiffer version), an Electronic Arts Catwoman game is definitely right up my alley. Will it be ready in time for the Holidays? If so, it’ll be on my list for sure.