An interesting Woman’s Day competition rewards the best essay with a day as a Librarian. Interesing PR for libraries I guess, though somehow it makes me feel like the profession is being devalued a little, as though any person can just waltz in and start doing reference. But, perhaps I’m just being defensive after having to come up with a reply for the thousandth time to the inevitable random-relative question: “So, you’re a librarian? Why do you have to have a degree to do that? All you do is read stories to kids and stamp books.” *sigh* My canned response so far is to state that I am an information broker, just like a stock broker, except I deal in information, and my services are free. Does anyone have any other good responses to that oh-so-fun question?

The Nebo School District in Utah created an insane number of PowerPoint presentations with money from a TLCF Professional Development Grant. They cover school-aged topics like the Pledge of Allegiance, Apollo 11, Martin Luther King, Proper Keyboarding, Bobcats, Gravity, the ABCs, Erosion, Microbiology, Spain, the Civil War, Van Gogh, Geometry, the list goes on… All in all, when printed out, they have 12 pages of presentations! I contacted the webmaster and he states that the site is meant as a resource for educators, and teachers are welcome to use them in the classroom. But, if they are to be used in any type of commercial venture, the teacher’s permission would need to be obtained. And, as always, all proper citation of this site as the source of the materials is expected. A great resource, hiding there on the web…Enjoy!

Which geeks look down upon which other geeks?
Which pagans look down upon which other pagans?
Frighteningly, as both a science fiction fan and someone who studied mythology, I rank rather highly on both charts.

Barcode Yourself

February 18, 2004 | Comments (2)
barcode.jpg As barcodes abound in our libraries–on our books, on our library cards–now we get to barcode ourselves! To the left, you see LiB’s barcode. You can diagram, print, and scan your barcode. Apparently, I am worth $6.85. A great bargain! I think at our next All Staff Day, we should wear these instead of nametags.

This great article at points out several online resources for seniors and elder care. A good collection of sites for any library with a “Senior Services” category on their webpage.

Alright, so some guy named Brian made copies of copies of copies of CD-Rs and documented his experiment. This is something I had always wondered about, and it’s good to see that someone with a lot of spare time actually did it, and had the presence of mind to share his results. And, the results may surprise you.


February 18, 2004 | Comments (0)

Yahoo launched a new search engine today. Check out Chris Sherman’s article on Search Engine Watch for more detailed information. Let’s test this thing out…

Muppet Woes

February 18, 2004 | Comments (0)

Godammit. Disney bought the Muppets.

I have a distinct feeling that they’re going to frell this up, just like they did with Winnie the Pooh. Now, I admit I am an A.A. Milne purist, but Pooh does not wear a shirt, except when it’s winter and he wears a little red sweater. Nor is his fur orange. And yet, Disney deemed it necessary to clothe the poor bear and make him a bright unnatural color. What’s next? Will Gonzo’s nose be replaced with something less phallic? Will Miss Piggy and Kermit be “just friends”? Oh dear…

Weed it Baby

February 18, 2004 | Comments (0)

A goodnatured article on weeding. Personally, I derive great joy from weeding. Maybe a little too much. I think, for me, the satisfaction is similar to that which I feel when I clean a closet or re-organize my kitchen cupboards. I know, Type A personality issues… I embrace my neuroses!

Well, that’s nice. Just got an AT&T phone plan. Son of a…. I know these mergers don’t usually affect service, but something about this one makes me feel kind of icky. Then again, maybe my crappy reception will improve, and my coverage area will get bigger (as they promise it will). *cross fingers*