Snazzy Buttons

March 19, 2004 | Comments Off on Snazzy Buttons

Seen nifty buttons like these all over the web? Want to make your own? Just use Bill Zeller’s Button Maker.

Google’s Local Search Goes Live

March 18, 2004 | Comments Off on Google’s Local Search Goes Live

Google’s Local Search is now up on its website. It’s super fast, I have to give it that. For my simple test, I decided to search for shops that carried anime in my hometown of Hoffman Estates, Illinois. Surprise, there are none. But there are some close by–which is more than was there when I was growing up.


  • the option to save your location for later searches

  • the option to expand the search to 1, 5, 15, or 45 miles out from your location

Don’t like:

  • it doesn’t tell you how many hits you got

  • it definitely missed some businesses, and though it gives you the option to submit your own business, I guess I just question their data-pool
  • the way the “related web pages” thing works–it often takes you to a review, another directory, and almost never directly to that business’s website

All that being said, it has potential, and I like it a lot better than what I’ve been using for business category searches (Anywho).

31.25 %

My weblog owns 31.25 % of me.
Does your weblog own you?

Not so bad, eh?

Via Simply Divine via aethele

tie fighter model

OK, I don’t know why I’m posting so much on paper models of late (some kind of deep-rooted neurosis, I’m sure), but here’s a keeper: Star Wars Paper Models so real you’ll want to hop in and ride around in them.

Dude, don’t unplug my game

March 18, 2004 | Comments Off on Dude, don’t unplug my game

From Reuters, via CNN, a Hong Kong boy went berserko with a knife after his dad unplugged his video game. Let this be a warning to all parents (and significant others who might not appreciate certain librarians in black staying up at all hours of the night gaming). Deny us food, water, anything else–but don’t mess with the game.

From, this Top 100 List is a sure win for any wordsmith or pronunciation guru. I’m curious where they got their list–I don’t agree with a lot of these. But hey, “libary” is on there, so it’s still blog-worthy 🙂


March 18, 2004 | Comments Off on HowToons

One-page cartoon-panel PDFs that show kids how to build things like a mega-air cannon and a balloon hovercraft. Hey, I might want to make some of these…

Bush-Bashing Too Fun

March 18, 2004 | Comments Off on Bush-Bashing Too Fun

While I will post the occasional political piece, I have avoided the flat-out Bush-bashing sites. However, this one is just too fun to keep to myself.

Star Trek and Today’s Tech

March 16, 2004 | Comments Off on Star Trek and Today’s Tech

The San Francisco Chronicle has a great article on all the Star Trek gadgets that have become a reality. And they interviewed certain tech innovators (like Woz) who say they were inspired by Star Trek when creating their tech-inventions. The article also includes a nice photo line-up comparing Star Trek shots to modern day devices.

A “Special Skills Draft” is being considered by the US Department of Defense, targeting geeks & linguists. The Pentagon apparently noticed that the military is lacking in staff with high-level computer and language skills (hmmm, I wonder why) and wants that to change. The answer? Not training folks already in the military. Not beefing up recruiting efforts. “Let’s do a draft! But, not just a general draft. Let’s go find smart people with computer and language skills, and force them into miltiary service.” Well, hell.