Wired News reports that the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame will open in Seattle in June. Pretty darn cool. I now have two destinations for the next time I’m in Seattle: The SF Museum & the new Library. Oooooh, innovation…

Ha ha, no.

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So now Bush is publicly joking about not finding WMDs. Yes, very funny Mr. Bush. So funny that the families of the hundreds of American and international soldiers who died during this falsely-prefaced campaign are not laughing with you. I am disgusted.

Frelling Comcast

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Comcast has purchased TechTV, my favorite network. And, they’re merging TechTV with their own game network, G4, even though TechTV has a hell of a lot more to do with professional and personal technologies than it has to do with gaming. And, Comcast might try to move the TechTV folks from San Francisco (where they’ve always been) down to Los Angeles. What’s worse is that Leo Laporte (pictured above), and I do not exaggerate, backbone of TechTV will no longer do The Screen Savers, my favorite show on TechTV (but will continue to do Call for Help). Luckily I think Patrick Norton and Kevin Rose, the two co-hosts of future episodes, do a great job too. Piece of dren corporate takeovers ruin everything. *sigh*


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So, yes, if you weren’t getting enough tunnel vision from sitting in front of a monitor 8 hours a day (or more if you blog, or game, or surf, or…..), you can now force tunnel vision on yourself with Sumacke. This pair of glasses “Limits your field of vision to the computer screen area, cuts out the VISUAL NOISE, and allows you to control your Visual Environment.” Right. This is a great idea. Please, can I damage my eyes some more?

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Roll Your Own Microfiche

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Ever wonder what to do with discarded microfiche? Make a snazzy looking wallet!

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A King County Public Library patron wrote a wonderful article for the Seattle Times highlighting the real value of the library’s online databases. Sometimes I think this is the only way people are going to find out about the wealth of information we offer them online. Traditional publicity tactics just aren’t working…


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Need an excuse to call in sick? Check out the Sick Call Excuse Generator. Some are better not used unless you want your co-workers hauling you to an intervention. Case in point: “The voices told me to clean all the guns today.” The site also includes a soundtrack of “sick noises” to play at your desk the day before, mentally prepping your co-workers for your call-in the next day. The wonders of the Internet never cease.

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Google Goodies

March 29, 2004 | Comment (1)

The Google “What’s New” page lists some coolio new stuff, the best of which (imho) is Google’s Personalized Search, in Beta. You first create a profile, telling Google what you want to search (say, Movies). Then you click on “Start Searching.” When the results come back, you can move this little slidey bar to see the effects that personalization have on the search. Very similar to a Yahoo-directory-based browse, except it’s a search. Pretty nifty, needs some usability tweaking (please make the steps more intuitive), but overall, a great Google beta.

The deed has been dune oot o’ your kennin’

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Sweet mother of all that is Scots! Dundee University launched an online Scots language dictionary that uses as its sources the Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue and the Scottish National Dictionary. It’s fully-searchable, and an invaluable resource for those of us who read books in Scots (e.g. Irvine Welsh), but have to guess what the “feck” they’re talking about sometimes…

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Python vs. Passion

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I love the fact that Life of Brian is being re-released in theaters, specifically to combat the Passion frenzy. A durn-funny look at the New Testament, I can’t wait to see it on the big screen.