You actually make $2.50 if you buy McAfee VirusScan 2004 version 8.0 at Amazon and get both the rebates. Pretty sweet! See FreeAfterRebate’s site for more info.

The Rock & Roll Library (online only folks, no brick & mortar) is “a non-profit organization working to build the world’s largest music information archive while promoting the use of popular music in education.” The site is fairly new, and they’re looking for sponsors to help them fund the building of their database. But, even now, you can find photos of various artists, lesson plans for teachers, music quizzes, and more. Keep an eye on this–it has the potential to become a wonderful music resource.

Princeton has developed a 3D Model Search Engine. Draw the basic shape of what you’re looking for, and the engine brings back possible matches. Drawing a Doc Marten basic boot (or as near to one as I could render with my touchpad) brought back 100 results (which seems to be the max allowed), including a church, several handguns, a grave, a printer, a toilet, & a human head. Looks like I need to improve my drawing skills. You can also search by keyword, which is far more useful for those of us who are drawing-challenged. I’m having far too much fun playing with this.

NS on Salon

April 21, 2004 | Comments (0)

Neal Stephenson’s lengthy Salon interviewis chock full of tasty bits.

An interesting 10-question interview with Mr. CSS. A choice quote from the article:

You can save yourself a ton of headaches if you know how things are supposed to work, instead of assuming that CSS will act the way you expect it to work. Like any language, CSS has rules, and ignoring them is just going to lead to confusion.

Amen, brother.

Talking Heads

April 21, 2004 | Comments (2)

I have a ton of useful librarian-esque things to post, but had to start with this one. Your faithful LiB is home sick today, and the results of Bud Light’s new Making Faces project just made me re-check my temperature to see if I was in the 104 degree hallucination range. You can use one of their pre-defined faces, or upload a photo of your own, mark out some facial landmarks, write some clever text, and the result is a frightening animated head. I think the intent is to get people to the Bud Light site, and it’ll probably work because this is so damn weird. The beer is sucky, but this thing is kinda cool.

I created one of my poor unsuspecting cat Torin (somehow I thought a talking version of my mom or my significant other would not go over well).

Thanks to J-Walk for pointing this out (I think).

Plug your URL in, choose a screen resolution, and see the (possibly horrifying) results.

link via Phil Bradley’s Blog

A glowing mousepad, with your choice of seven colors. OK, now that’s cool. The company, FlexiGlow, has a ton of other glowing peripherals as well. Completely impractical, but so very intoxicating at the same time.

Link via Gizmodo

April 19, 2004 | Comments (0)–from the site:

FREADOM is a loose coalition of librarians and library supporters. We support the freedom to read, everywhere. We also support librarians who advocate for the freedom to read.
As with other advocacy groups, FREADOM cannot be all things to all issues at all times. Therefore, we in FREADOM focus our actions on specific events or crises related to the freedom to read that we believe need special attention or action.
For April, 2004, our focus is a letter-writing campaign about the group of nearly twenty independent librarians arrested and imprisoned after the March, 2003 crackdown in Cuba. We hope you will join us in sending letters to Cuban and American officials during and after National Library Week (April 18-24, 2004).

Worthy site to check out for National Library Week. is a guide to online searchable death record indexes, by state. Hey, now this is useful! And the services that require payment are marked as such. Nice site!

link via ResearchBuzz