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Morrissey as a Librarian

January 12, 2004

OK, so I’m a goth freak who still thinks Morrissey is god. A somewhat self-deceiving and pretentious god, but hey, still a god. Just found a 1985 interview where he says he always wanted to be a librarian. Oh, Morrissey. You are just full of surprises. Every day is like Sunday baby, every day is like Sunday.

“Morrissey as a Librarian”

  1. vapid Says:

    i met morrissey once. he was a twat.

  2. Librarian in Black Says:

    OK, Vapid. This is a professional site. The word “twat” is vulgar slang for the vulva, or for a woman or girl. Either you didn’t know that, or you don’t give a shit that you’re offending half the population. Either way, not cool. Y’all, please limit your use of derogatory language to insulting the current administration. That’s all I can allow here.

  3. vapid Says:

    actually, Shakespear used it to refer to the buttock. the sense in which i was using it. an insult to a useful part of the anatomy, right enough.

  4. Librarian in Black Says:

    All the same, please do not use that term (or others like it) here.

  5. vapid Says:

    yup. that’s cool. its your site and i like it.

    he really wasn’t very nice though.

  6. librarian on fire Says:

    Sadly, Morrissey is one of the reason’s I became a librarian – the love of books, oscar wilde, his mom being a librarian. I’m a nerd for all of this. I too think he’s god and I don’t care if he’s self-deceiving or pretentious – that’s part of his charm right?

  7. Sarah Houghton (LiB) Says:

    I suppose…though, the pretentiousness does get to me from time to time. Nice to know there’s another MozLib out there 🙂 Nice blog too!

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