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IL2009: Connecting Through “Lights, Cameras & Action”
Speakers: Michael Porter, David Lee King, and Sean Robinson

Sean Robinson started by talking about storytelling.  He showed us a video about the library, showing a woman finding a book at a library (an Amy Tan book incidentally) then read that book during her day — in the morning, at lunch, and at night after work.  Nice, positive, happy video.  Then the Library 101 Project launched with David Lee King & Michael Porter taking the stage.  They were both wearing disco-shiny-pants, jackets, sunglasses, etc.  Quite a fun entrance.  Library 101 includes a new video and a new website including a lot of content from many library world folks trying to explain what it’s about being in a library today, and what you need to know to succeed in today’s information environment.  A big point about the whole Library 101 project is to cut loose, relax, engage in informal ways with our communities.

They premiered the Library 101 video for the first time.  You can see the Library 101 website now.   Anyone can comment and add to the list of skills, resources, and ideas on the Library 101 site, so it’s now an interactive community project.  They also offer a Facebook page of which you can become a fan.

In addition to the video, there are a number of essays on what makes a Library “101” today, including essays from Meredith Farkas, Stephen Abram, Cindi Trainor, Maurice Coleman, Roy Tennant, Helene Blowers, Janie Hermann, Jason Griffey, and yours truly 🙂  Check out the essays.

There is also a description of what Library 101 is, Library 101 skills, resources to help you build your skills up, and more.   The skills are divided into past, present, and future.  You can add your own content here too, so add away!

Incidentally, the website was designed by the same designers, SIDESHOWgraphix, who designed my website.

At the end of the session, they invited all audience members to begin participating by recording video live about what they want the world to know about libraries.

“IL2009: Connecting Through “Lights, Cameras & Action””

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