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So about a month ago I got really icky sick.  I was off from work for a week and a half, and then back only half time for a while…  It’s been a nasty series of flus and colds and sinus infections.  The upside was the fun hallucinations I had with the high fever.  I only had one scary one (spiders) but had a lot of interesting and one plain-old-useful ones.  Yay for fever-induced delirium!

Why does this matter?  Well, I manage our library’s Facebook and Twitter accounts and don’t have a back-up.  So when I got sick, particularly in those days when I was so ill I couldn’t even focus well enough to read a sentence, nothing was getting posted to our social media accounts.  The results?  See below for our library’s Facebook page stats.


You don’t post? You don’t get people liking, commenting, or visiting.  You post half-heartedly because the codeine was affecting your brain?  You don’t get interactions.  Your audience is sick? You don’t get interactions.

Surprising? No. Good as a reminder that posting is important, responding is important? Yes.

Follow-Up (4/22/13)

And here’s what happens when both you and your community aren’t sick anymore and posting and reading gets back to normal.


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