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January 21, 2004

Turn your handwriting into a font! Fontifier allows you to download a free file, write out letters & numbers in your own handwriting, and then turns your handwriting into a custom style. Directions for how to do this are available at TechTV‘s Call For Help site. This is so completely kewl.


  1. receptionista Says:

    the fontifier is great. i’m going to do it as soon as my boss goes home for the day…

  2. Anna Says:

    Your link for the Fontifier is wrong. It should be

  3. Taran Says:

    Heh – this looks like fun. Thanks… might even do the blog like this as an option…

  4. Librarian in Black Says:

    Thanks Anna. I copy and paste faster than I think. The link is right now 🙂

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