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Toyota is offering an “auto-parallel-park” feature on their Prius model. As someone who lives in San Francisco, and can’t parallel park worth a darn, this is mighty tempting. It’s $2200 more, which is somewhat un-tempting. Oh well, perhaps with time the price will go down. Incidentally, growing up in the midwest, and having taken my driver’s ed test there, no one ever tested us on, or even taught us, parallel parking. It’s a skill I had to master later in life….well, errr, not “master” maybe. Was this just a lapse in my particular suburb’s driver’s education? Or is this a common thing?

“Do you suck at parallel parking?”

  1. Anna Says:

    I learned to drive in Ohio, and although they don’t call it parallel parking, they do teach and test it.

  2. Anne Knight Says:

    I took the driving test in Florida a LONG time ago. Parallel parking was the first event – if you messed up, you didn’t finish the test. I passed the test (barely), but have not used my skills very often.

  3. susan Says:

    I wished someone would help me laearn how to parrallel park.

  4. susan Says:

    I wished someone would help me how to parrallel park. I can’t do it!!!!!!!

  5. Tabitha Says:

    um yeah i wish i could just learn how to back up in the correct position. i cant figure out which way to turn the wheel. er maybe cause it was my first time out driving today. it went ok but i cant back worth crap i wish i knew how to do that.

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