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No need to rub your eyes. Yes, this is a new Librarian in Black post. As I have been blogging quite infrequently for the last few months, instead of writing out full-on single-issue posts with commentary, I’m going to throw out a number of things to pay attention to in each post–things that caught my attention in the last few months and made it onto the “blog about this later” list. Think of it is a Blast o’ Information, all at once, or if you like instead: “Highlights from mid-2009.” When I feel caught up enough to stop this nonsense, I will. But until then, read on … maybe you’ll see something you passed up the first time you saw it in your feeds.

The Official Unofficial Creative Commons Facebook Application: Integrating Creative Commons licensing for your Facebook content is nearly impossible, as it is all spread out app by app. However, if you use this app, it lets your page viewers know that your stuff is licensed through CC (a choice most libraries make for their online content).

Good Example of Website User Content: Emily the Strange has a lot of fan content on her site, including My Strange Cats – a LOLcat-esque area where fans can upload their cat photos a la Emily with titles/tags/etc., and other users can rate, comment, share, and tag the photos. And the upload form is super-easy. I’m looking at this as a good model for providing user uploads of library content such as book reviews, photos, videos and more.

IMLS Podcast Series for Jobseekers: The Institute of Museum and Library Services is now offering a Libraries to the Rescue series of five podcasts. The series consists of library folks sharing steps and success stories of how they have helped their communities. There is a link for the audio and transcripts and also a separate link with resources for job-seekers.

Geek the Library: An innovative new library support campaign in Iowa. Nice logo 🙂

ALA Emerging Leaders: The 2010 application to particpate in ALA’s Emerging Leaders program is due July 31st, so if you’re interested – do it now.

Free Mobile Learning Textbook: A new textbook, Mobile Learning: Transforming the Delivery of Education and Training, is available for free download in whole or in part if you’re only interested in a particular chapter. Open access publishing makes me happy. [found via Reference Notes]

“Creative Commons, User Generated Web Content, Mobile Learning, and more!”

  1. pollyalida Says:

    Welcome back. And blast away! “blast o’ info” appreciated!

  2. Noel Says:

    Thanks for the tip on the Free Mobile Learning Textbook download, I will check it out!
    Oh, and welcome back!

  3. Fiona Says:

    So glad to read a new post from you. You have shared some terrific stuff here – very helpful for me as a current MEd(Teacher/Librarianship) student. I am going to include a link to this post in my next post – it is wonderful to be able to pass on information and help others!

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