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If you want to inspire some creative thinking in your library staff, especially in these tough times of layoffs and a need for inspired solutions to difficult problems, take a look at these lovely "Creating Future Libraries" notebooks created by Aaron Schmidt.  You can get the standard notebooks (both sides pictured below) or you can order custom notebooks. 

I'd like to pass them out at a staff training day, ask people to record thoughts for the next month, and then come together again with all of our ideas.  What would you do?

See Aaron's site for more information on his inspiration and ordering information.  At only $3 each with discounts on orders over 20, can you afford not to buy them?


““Creating Future Libraries” notebooks for libraries”

  1. Anne Slaughter Says:

    I and a colleague facilitated a free-form session at staff day last year where we presented some out-of-the box ideas and solutions, then asked attendees to dream big together and present their own crazy ideas. It was a great creative brainstorming session, and these notebooks would have been the perfect tools! I still have the giant post-its everyone used to record their thoughts.

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