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I have bad news and I have good news. You should probably read both.

Bad News: I have been diagnosed with cervical cancer at the age of 36.

Good News: We caught it very early and the cancer is small enough that a surgical procedure will get rid of it. My doctors are optimistic about my prognosis and all of my insane middle-of-the-night librarian research tells me the same thing. This is highly survivable thanks to catching it early in a regular exam. My friends and family have been extremely supportive and I am thankful for all of their positive energy and snarky humor that’s helping me get through this difficult time.

fuck cancer

One of the things that helped me feel less scared between my biopsies and “finding out I had the BIG C” was remembering the experiences of Xeni Jardin a little over a year ago. Jardin decided to live-Tweet her first mammogram, after which she was told that she had breast cancer. She’s since Tweeted and blogged her experiences with cancer very openly. What she did was one of the first things that came into my head and she helped me to realize whatever happened, I could beat this. I obviously have a much smaller readership than Jardin, but I want to pay it forward and do the same thing.

I will be having surgery next Thursday afternoon. I will be Tweeting (and cross-posting to Facebook for friends there) about my experience.  I also plan to live-Tweet during the surgery, as I will be awake for it.

If by being an open book I can help make people less scared about cervical cancer, encourage other women to get screened and tested regularly, I want to do that. If I can turn this negative situation into a positive one for someone else, all the better.

Yes, I’m scared.  But don’t worry. I’m going to be okay.

“Cancer: I Will Kill It Dead”

  1. Maggie Says:

    Although I have followed your blog for years, I have never commented, but your warrior stance is inspiring. I am rooting for you and your loved ones! Out, out damn spot!!

  2. Jen Waller Says:

    You continue to inspire me. This cancer doesn’t stand a chance!

  3. Robert Murphy Says:

    I hope the treatment goes well and you make a full recovery.

  4. Carolyn Jewel Says:

    I echo everyone’s thoughts and hopes for a successful surgery and a full recovery.

  5. Maggie Says:

    You are smart, strong and unstoppable! This C thing doesn’t stand a chance. You’ve managed EDS with such aplomb it seems that was a warm up for this battle and to helping others with your generous openness. Positive energy is beaming your way.

  6. Heather Says:

    Pew, Pew, Pew is right. Cancer doesn’t stand a chance against you. Thank you for sharing this with us. Rock On!

  7. Jennifer Berryman Says:

    Best wishes for successful surgery and a great outcome … don’t forget to continue living and loving life while the process unfolds.

  8. Don Says:

    There is a high correlation between a good cancer outcome and keeping a positive mental attitude. You are one of the most positive people I have ever met, so keep fighting the good fight, and don’t let the turkeys get you down.

  9. Sydney McCoy Says:

    Good luck! 🙂 Remember to take care of yourself through it all 🙂 Spa Day 🙂


  10. John Sandstrum Says:

    Best of luck, Sarah! My thoughts will be with you. May you have a swift recovery.

  11. Kate Says:

    Hooray for early detection! A few quick prayers are being sent for your healing.

  12. Peggy Butler Says:

    Hey Sarah, I haven’t been on Twitter as much lately, so I’m just finding out about your now-gone cancer. So sorry you had to go through that. Very glad it wasn’t more advanced! Way to go, kicking cancer’s ass!! Be well.


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