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Have a personal website?  Or does your library do IM reference through AIM?  Check out AIM Presence: a short registration process yields code that displays your AIM status to the world on your website (online, offline, away, etc.).  As Aaron points out:

I’ve already seen this on a few library sites, accomplished by a third-party solution. Code straight from AIM is likely to be more reliable, and it probably won’t be long before MSN and Yahoo join in with an effort.

We’re doing this on our page already with a third-party solution.  The IM client I actually have the most trouble getting to display accurately is MSN, though.  Come on MSN!  Let’s get one for y’all too.

In the comments to Aaron’s post, Jenny Levine Jessamyn West (sorry!) raises an interesting point from their Terms of Service…basically you’re agreeing not to post naughty (well, what they consider naughty) stuff on your site, including things that would encourage users to "violate…third party rights."  That is a bit vague.

“AIM Presence: Status Indicator”

  1. jessamyn Says:

    Hey, *I* said that! Looking forward to finally meeting you at Internet Librarian, Jenny is easy to distinguish from me, she’s taller.

  2. Sarah Houghton (Librarian in Black) Says:

    Sorry Jessamyn (and Jenny, for that matter). Correction made. Doing too much at any given time leadas to brain-spazzes like this.

  3. Eby Says:

    You can use the AIM indicator without going through the whole sign up. They don’t seem to be checking screename vs key. I’ve shown the URL on my blog using the one from walkingpaper I believe. But for something like a library it would be good to actually agree to the TOS and use it officially.

    One thing I’ve noticed though is because it’s a redirect (the same image url links to your status no matter what) that some browser cache the image and so your status change may not show up immediately for some people. I’ve had to hard refresh on mine sometimes to get it to display.

  4. Sarah Houghton (Librarian in Black) Says:

    Thanks Eby, I’ll give that a try!

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