Below are my 3 slide decks from Internet Librarian 2011.  Some of the slides formatted a little weird upon upload, but I have a severe cold and am too tired to try to fix it.  Sorry.   Digital contentfrustration il11 View more presentations from Sarah Houghton-Jan. Getting thingsdone il11 View more presentations from Sarah Houghton-Jan. […]

Internet Librarian 2011: Designing for Optimal UX Nate Hill and Chris Noll Libraries are moving from the consumption of knowledge to the creation of knowledge.  There is no publicly funded institution that supports content creation.  This is a role that libraries can, and should, fill.  People with ideas need the resources and knowledge to be […]

Internet Librarian 2011: Community Embraces Online 11:1 Denise Siers, Melissa Falgout, and David Wasserman Denise Siers gave us an overview of the King County Library System: a large system serving many people over a large geographic area.  They have 1 million card-holders, 90% of whom have used the library in the last year.  They have […]

Internet Librarian 2011: Ebooks & the Future of Publishing, Lending, Learning David Bowers and Stephen Abram David Bowers is from Oxford University Press.  Libraries are still a place that people interested in learning can gather and share information.  “Libraries are the original Google.” Oxford University Press is a business with one share-holder—the university.  Their goal […]

Internet Librarian 2011: Keynote – Lee Raine (Pew Internet and American Life Project) Raine started with a LOLcat (yep, he knows his crowd).  Pew, pew, pew!  Raine says that the Oxford English Dictionary needs to add a word: “Tweckle” – to abuse a speaker to Twitter followers in the audience while he/she is speaking. 5 […]

Internet Librarian 2011: Tips on Redesigning Library Sites Michael Epstein, Virginia Franklyn, Amanda Foust, Anna Jonsson, and Julie Magnus Michael Epstein (University of San Diego) kicked the session off by talking about collaboration and negotiation in a library website redesign project.  The relationships we build and negotiate are just as important as the tools and […]

Internet Librarian 2011: Developing a Mobile Presence: Mobile Web, Usability, and Devices Esben Fjord, Nate Hill, and Joel Shields Esben Fjord works at the Gladsaxe Public Libraries, a suburb of Copenhagen with a population of 64,000 people.  Their annual budget is $8.5 million (uhh, wowsers).  They use $1.2 for materials and have 110 employees, 1 […]

Internet Librarian 2011: Best Betas for Learning & Navigating Gary Price Gary’s entire presentation is available at: Snap Bird ( a Twitter archive tool.  Search for someone’s specific timeline, keywords, favorites, search all the people you follow and their Tweets, Tweets mentioning you, DMs sent and received, etc.  Gary’s found Tweets back into April […]

Internet Librarian 2011: Next Big Trends: Near Field Communication & Interactive Picture Books Gretchen Caserotti, Kristen Yarmey, and Sheli McHugh Gretchen Caserotti talked about interactive digital picture books.  Just as with print books, with digital books picture books get checked out in huge “stacks” while other books may get checked out one or two at […]

Internet Librarian 2011 Understanding Users and Improving Your Website with Google Analytics SuHui Ho and Jeff Wisniewski SuHui Ho Why use web metrics?  The basic hit count is extremely misleading (we’ve known this for a long time).  Looking deeper is essential.  Some of the reports Google Analytics offers that are useful for us are the […]