IL2009: Connecting Through “Lights, Cameras & Action” Speakers: Michael Porter, David Lee King, and Sean Robinson Sean Robinson started by talking about storytelling.  He showed us a video about the library, showing a woman finding a book at a library (an Amy Tan book incidentally) then read that book during her day — in the […]

IL2009: Information Overload is the Devil This was a shared session, and my half was about dealing with information overload – which is the devil.  I stand by that assertion.  I also stand by my assertion that information overload does indeed exist.  Anyone who says it’s a myth clearly isn’t as busy as the rest […]

IL2009: Technology: The Engine Driving Pop-Culture-Savvy Libraries or Source of Information Overload Speaker: Elizabeth Burns Burns started by talking about texting, using mobile devices, and more often inspire poor reactions in libraries.  Some library staff believe that the public use of mobile devices in the library is a waste of time and distracts them from […]

IL2009: Trying Not to Filter: Internet Filtering Technologies Update This is my session for Internet @Schools this year about the status of internet filtering, how it works, our own libraries testing of four internet filters, and our successful battle against a city council member’s proposition that the library begin filtering all public computes.  SJPL remains […]

IL2009: Selling Tech to Power in Tough Times Speakers: Danis Kreimeier, Fred Cohn, Kim Bui-Burton, Stacey Aldrich, Kathy Gould Customers expectations keep growing.  Resources keep shrinking.  We have to find ways to do new initiatives from within the organization.   Use the resources you have to do projects under the radar. Tell people where you’re headed. […]

IL2009: I Wanna Be 2.0 Too: 10 LOLcat Laws of Web Services for Smaller, Underfunded Libraries This was my first session this year at Internet Librarian, focusing on some of the free/cheap online or otherwise digital services that any library can provide. You can view my PowerPoint on Slideshare (and below). 10 Lol Cat Laws […]

IL2009: Fast-Tracking Usability Testing & User-Centered Design Speakers: Angela Ballard, Cory Stier, and Robert Bastell Angela Ballard started her talk by discussing a redesign of their website for the NCSU Libraries.  They wanted to make a good Friends/Giving site with online giving that was secure and standards-compliant and a design that was different from the […]

IL2009: Optimizing Web Presences: SEO & Metrics Speakers: Marshall Breeding, Andrew White, Joseph Balsamo Marshall Breeding started the talk with his presentation, titled “SEO: Optimizing Library Web Resources for Enhanced Discovery.”  Some of the digital object management systems do not interface well with search engines.  We need to follow all of the techniques that have […]

IL2009: Library Website Improvement Face-Off Speakers: David Lee King, Amanda Etches-Johnson, Aaron Schmidt, Jeff Wisniewski This panel talk was focused on usability and user-centered experiences on library websites.  I liked this presentation as it has some very practical, common-sense takeaways that we can now take back to our libraries and colleagues and say “hey — […]

IL2009: Experience Design Makeover Speaker: David Lee King The good experience designer plans and builds deliberate experiences into the website, not just hoping for the best.  No one wants to interact with “a website.”  People want to interact with each other. The Topeka and Shanee County Public Library had a library website since 2004.  Stephen […]