It’s no secret that I think internet filters are not only unethical and counter to everything librarians believe in, but that filters also don’t work for crap.  And now the filters are finally fighting back. Some customers of FortiGuard, WebSense, and Barracuda (filtering products marketed to schools and libraries) are reporting that the internet filters are […]

A Washington State Supreme Court decided yesterday in a 6-3 decision that public library internet filtering is not censorship, because filtering is “collection development.”  You can read more in Library Journal, on ReadWriteWeb, or read the actual court decision and the majority and dissenting opinions. My reaction is simple, as someone who has fought, and […]

10 years ago today, I started this blog. I know, right? It doesn’t seem that long ago… I never thought that Librarian in Black would be active a decade and more than 4,500 posts later. 10 years in Internet time is forever. 10 years ago: I was only two years out of library school and had […]

Internet Librarian 2013 – The New Library Patron Lee Rainie Rainie’s slides are up at Rainie summed up his presentation as 5 points (supported by a veritable butt-ton of statistics from Pew, as we have come to lovingly expect from Rainie). 1. Libraries are deeply appreciated, especially for their community impact. 91% of people […]

Monday and Tuesday of last week I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in a Children’s Internet Protection Act Symposium, hosted by the American Library Association and Google in Washington DC. The first day was pure think-tanking and brainstorming about where to go from here to help school and public libraries better cope […]

It’s time for a contest!  It came to my attention today that in the entire vast universe of “Shit People Say” videos, there is no Shit Librarians Say video yet.   Well there is, but it’s this one dude saying “shhh” over and over.  We can do better than that people! I’m going to make […]

I’ve been puzzling over a phenomenon lately that I’d like to talk a bit about.  I want to put this out into the ether and get feedback from all of you.  Because I can’t make sense of this—and perhaps your superior brains can. With the rise in digital content, we’ve seen more and more examples […]

Internet Librarian 2011: Keynote – Lee Raine (Pew Internet and American Life Project) Raine started with a LOLcat (yep, he knows his crowd).  Pew, pew, pew!  Raine says that the Oxford English Dictionary needs to add a word: “Tweckle” – to abuse a speaker to Twitter followers in the audience while he/she is speaking. 5 […]

The Pew Internet & American Life Project released a new report this morning about the consumption of news in a digital setting.  The report can be found on the Pew website.  Some of the interesting findings: 92% of Americans surveyed use multiple places & platforms to get their daily news local & national television stations […]