I want to break up with eBooks. Don’t get me wrong, eBooks is dead sexy and great arm candy at parties, as well as a magnet for attention and memorable experiences. But man…eBooks makes for a crap boyfriend. This relationship is as dysfunctional as it gets. And I’m too old and jaded to put up […]

Send your own questions to me at [email protected], @TheLiB, or +Sarah Houghton. Transcription Welcome to episode 6 of What Sarah Said.  Today’s question comes to us from Linda and she asks: If I have bought a Kindle book and want to lend it to a friend, can I send it to her Kindle to read with the assumption that […]

Send your own questions to me at [email protected], @TheLiB, or +Sarah Houghton. Transcription Welcome to episode 5 of What Sarah Said, I’m Sarah Houghton.  And today’s question comes from Amanda.  She writes: OK, I know this may be forcing you to speculate a bit, but honestly, where do you see the line being drawn for most libraries when […]

Internet Librarian 2011: Ebooks & the Future of Publishing, Lending, Learning David Bowers and Stephen Abram David Bowers is from Oxford University Press.  Libraries are still a place that people interested in learning can gather and share information.  “Libraries are the original Google.” Oxford University Press is a business with one share-holder—the university.  Their goal […]

The library eBook scene, indeed the eBook scene for consumers too, is ever-changing and unpredictable.  Any library trying to plan more than one year out for eBooks is playing a losing game.  Don’t sign contracts for more than a year and don’t invest huge amounts of time in what might be dying models. For the […]

Join me (along with Henry Bankhead, Mark Coker, Eli Neiburger, and Mary Minow) on Monday April 11th at noon (Pacific) / 3pm (Eastern) for a raucous discussion on eBooks and library lending.  If you have questions in advance, send them in to me!  The day of the webinar, sponsored and hosted by Infopeople, go to Monday, April […]

eBooks and Their Growing Value for Libraries (PART 1) Chad Mairn, Amy Pawlowski, Sue Polanka, Ellen Druda Amy: 1/5 of the US online population reads at least two books per month.  How are we going to capture that audience?  If you own a Kindle and download a book a week, you spend $500 a year […]

I want to credit the cybersphere with having some real, heartfelt, and intelligent discussions about the future of eBooks — both for consumers and for libraries.  Discussions have happened in every medium with thousands upon thousands of people participating. But who isn’t participating?  The American Library Association. To date, a week after the HarperCollins debacle […]

eBooks: Libraries at the Tipping Point Online Conference R. David Lankes Closing Keynote Lankes wanted to start with a thought experiment.  What would happen if when we bought our next device, $10 was added to the cost and that went into a universal author’s fund and you could download any book any time?  Would this […]

eBooks: Libraries at the Tipping Point Online Conference Kevin Kelly (Wired CEO) Keynote The web as we know it is only 7,000 days old.  Early prognosticators thought that the web would be TV, only better.  But what we have is a multi-device, multi-author, hugely connected infrastructure for communication.  There are 2 billion people linked up […]