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Join me (along with Henry Bankhead, Mark Coker, Eli Neiburger, and Mary Minow) on Monday April 11th at noon (Pacific) / 3pm (Eastern) for a raucous discussion on eBooks and library lending.  If you have questions in advance, send them in to me!  The day of the webinar, sponsored and hosted by Infopeople, go to

Monday, April 11, 2011
Start Time: Pacific – Noon, Mountain – 1:00 PM, Central – 2:00 PM, Eastern – 3:00 PM
Speakers: Henry Bankhead, Sarah Houghton-Jan, Mark Coker, Eli Neiburger, and Mary Minow

  • Is there true ownership of eBooks for libraries?
  • Can libraries exist without ownership of eBooks?
  • What is the best access model for eBooks?
  • Is there a right of first sale that applies to eBooks?

The recent decision by HarperCollins to switch to a licensing model for eBooks has the public library world in an uproar and has spawned numerous boycotts of HarperCollins by public libraries. Instead of allowing libraries to “purchase” one digital copy and lend it sequentially to an unlimited number of library users, HarperCollins has instead opted to only license each of their eBooks for 26 uses. After the 26 circulations are used up, the library must purchase an additional license.

This change has primarily affected Overdrive users, the lion’s share of the public library eBook market, but will apply to all distributors of HarperCollins eBook content. More important, this shift exposes the questionable nature of ownership in the library and consumer eBook landscape.

Please join us for a lively one-hour webinar panel discussion of the role of eBooks, the public library, lending limits, ownership, the right of first use and digital copyright.

Webinars are free of charge and registration is only done on the day of the event on the WebEx server. No passwords are required.

Do you require an accommodation? Closed captioning will be provided upon request. For this service, please notify at least 3 days beforethe webinar.

“Join me at an eBooks webinar April 11th”

  1. Brett - Xtreme Profit Robot Says:

    Stumbled on your post as I was actually doing some research on spam and how ‘wild west’ the ebook marketplace is (a lot of thrown together content)…but this is a really interesting issue that I frankly hadn’t considered. . Obviously ebooks are going to be a HUGE part of our reading and information consumption moving forward, so how do libraries serve their (imho invaluable) purpose within this new ecosystem? At first glance, I’d say that libraries are right to be up in arms as the publishers are changing their model to charge more. Libraries buy a book and that’s it – they can loan it out as much as they want…and if libraries can actually pull off ‘sequential’ loaning, then why not follow the same model? Tricky part is the technology behind all of this, and how to ensure fairness for all – does the ebook expire on my kindle? do the libraries have propietary technology developed? All interesting ‘slipper slope’ questions. Libraries serve many more purposes than just ‘loaning’ information, but it’s obviously central to their mission, so it’ll be interesting to see it unfold over time. appreciate the post.

  2. Notable – 4.9.11 | The Digital Immigrant Says:

    [...] of eBooks, if you are free on Monday then you might just want to check this out! “Join me (along with Henry Bankhead, Mark Coker, Eli Neiburger, and Mary Minow) on Monday [...]

  3. Caitlin Says:

    Will this webinar be recorded?

  4. Brooklyn Biblio Says:

    Hi, I went to the site to register today, but it looks like I can’t if I’m not a CLA member. Bummer.

  5. Brooklyn Biblio Says:

    Disregard! Disregard! For some reason the error I was getting didn’t come up on my fourth attempt. I’m really looking forward to this discussion. Thanks for inviting your readers.

  6. Anne in Australia Says:

    This was due to be broadcast at 5am in Australia, I couldn’t make it! Is there a podcast/transcript available?

  7. Sarah Says:

    Yes, it was recorded! You can see the archived webinar at

  8. Kathy B. Enger Says:

    Was the April 11th eBook webinar archived? If so, how might school librarians in our region access it? –Thank you! Kathy Enger

  9. Kathy B. Enger Says:

    The link provided in #7 is no longer active.

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