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You can now see my appearance on the #TWIT Network’s Tech News Today show at: The main part of my appearance starts at 9:45, but I show up periodically after that main part too.

The TWIT Network, This Week in Tech, is based up in Petaluma CA (not far from my house) and has the tagline “netcasts you love from people you trust.”  It’s an all-internet-based technology news network with over 20 different shows that you can watch live (& participate in live interactive chat during the show), stream later in audio or video, or download as podcasts or videocasts.  I listen to about a dozen of the shows religiously, using my 3-4 hours in the car every day to catch up on what’s going on with technology of all different sorts.  It definitely helps me do my job a lot better.

So, as a fan of TWIT, I was all aflutter when they opened up a contest for an open mic show where fans of the show could go onto the Tech News Today show as guests.  I applied and somehow by the grace of the binary gods was accepted, along with the other two guests (Joshua Caleb and Derrick Chen) who are likewise geeked up.  The experience was a ton of fun and I’d welcome the chance to do it again.

And really, people, if you bother to read my blog or follow me on Twitter and don’t yet watch or listen to any of the TWIT shows, you are missing out.  Check out This Week in Tech & Tech News Today first and then build your healthy addiction from there.  Because addiction will follow….and the voices of Leo Laporte and Tom Merritt will be like honey upon thine ears, and music to thy soul.  Well, at least you’ll learn stuff anyway :)

“See my appearance on Tech News Today”

  1. Scott Says:

    Cool – great show! Hope they have you on again or in studio,

  2. Tweets that mention See my appearance on Tech News Today: W00t! You can now see my appearance on the #TWIT Network’s Tech News Toda... -- Says:

    [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by WPL Reference Div, Library Feed. Library Feed said: See my appearance on Tech News Today [...]

  3. Steven Benson Says:

    Damn girl! You did librarians proud. Thanks for being such a stand-up geek on behalf of all of us geeky librarians, and there are many of us. I’m so jealous you got to talk to Sarah Lane and Tom Merritt.

  4. Greg Schwartz Says:

    Great job!

  5. Michael Schofield Says:

    LiB! – *Congratz.* The TWiT Network is probably my main source of news, right up there with HLN in the Morning and IGN (this, arguably, might not count …). I’m stoked to see you on TNT! Why isn’t there a TWiL[ibraries]? (Of course, not to diminish from my *favorite* show This Week in Law)

  6. Greg Schwartz Says:

    Michael, for what it’s worth, my old show, Uncontrolled Vocabulary ( was attempting to be exactly that.

  7. Sarah Says:

    There actually is a TwiL (This Week in Libraries) – It’s a videocast series from the Shanachies (Jaap van de Geer and Erik Boekesteijn. They interview library folks for each episode. I actually went to register the TWiL domain for myself only to find they got there first :) It’s a great show. What we’re missing though is a nice regular technology show for libraries. I miss Uncontrolled Vocabulary so much, Greg. But perhaps I’ll finally start my own show with tech news. If only I could effectively record it in the car while I’m commuting the 1 1/2 -2 hours each way to and from work!

  8. Paul R. Pival Says:

    Great job Sarah, way to represent!

  9. Brandon French Says:

    Just listened to the podcast, Great Job! I was suprised to hear of a Local getting on.

    i used to work @ the Gilroy library as a Page and then as a Clerk @ the local community college, so I’m always interested in hearing about Library issues. I work in San Jose, but I have yet to stop by a San Jose branch. 8/

  10. Sarah Says:

    @Brandon: Stop by King Library downtown and ask for me – I’ll come by and say hi :) Or stop by any one of our approximately 20 branches and see what you think! If nothing else, get your library card so you can start getting online magazines, eBooks, eAudioBooks, and more for free. You don’t have to be a San Jose resident to get our card, which you can apply for online here:

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