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Yesterday I gave a webinar for Infopeople about mobile services for libraries.

You can view the archived webinar in full (audio, slides,  + chat) through the Infopeople site.

And the slides for that presentation are below.  Enjoy!

“10 Steps to Mobile Supremacy for Libraries”

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  3. EIleen O'Shea Says:

    Great job, Sarah! Can’t wait for the next one…

  4. Asante Says:

    What is a “walk in mobile messenger system”

  5. Sarah Says:

    You walk in to the library and a sensor knows you have a mobile phone and text messages you something — perhaps a new library service, a “hello & welcome to the library” or even what events are happening that day. It exists in Europe — we’re just so far behind in mobile here in the U.S.

  6. Simon Chamberlain Says:

    Nice, I like the combination of the latest technology (AR) with simple but useful things like mobile charging stations.

    As a corporate librarian, I find it interesting that we’re dealing with mobile use almost by default – all the lawyers have Blackberries, so they’re constantly contacting us from mobile devices. Meaning the style of communication is different – a lot terser, more like text-speak. Meaning we have to think about how we reply to them. Or how we distribute current awareness when our newsletters will be read on mobile devices.

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