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Internet Librarian 2010: Foursquare, Location-Based Social Networks & Library Apps

Joe Murphy

<I missed Jason A Clark’s part of the presentation unfortunately – sorry!>

Foursquare is baed on social rewards for sharing information – badges, interactions, comments, mayorships, etc.  We’ve already had our first check-in in space on Foursquare.  Joe pointed out how the Internet Librarian Conference listing in Foursquare is for an event, not just for a place/venue.  Joe recommends that libraries claim venues for their libraries, which gives you the opportunity to monitor statistics and create promotions.  The most important thing we can do is to just be aware of Foursquare — users will engage with this service whether we’re doing anything or not.  Joe touched on Facebook Places as well — Foursquare, as popular as it is, only has 3 million users.  Twitter has 145 million and Facebook has 500 million.  Facebook Places simply adds a social place-based interaction to your existing Facebook social network connections.  Facebook Places privacy options are critical – something that we should be teaching our customers about.  So many of us are haters of the “check your friends in” feature, which I now thing Facebook must realize is a mistake.  Joe says the future of location-based information is a combination of proximity relevance and social interactions. (Sarah’s note: This is reminiscent of basic augmented reality.)

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