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LiB Recommends – 2010-09-19

September 20, 2010
  1. In Praise of the Free Webinar (resources for finding ‘em in libraryland):
  2. What a good library program idea from @nypl: Program for parents of school-age kids: “What To Do When It’s Due Next Day”
  3. From @wired: Take a tour of the New Twitter, screen by screen:
  4. From @gluejar: Can Libraries Work Together to Acquire eBook Assets?
  5. From @librarianbyday: Crap Detection, A 21st Century Literacy « Libraries and Transliteracy
  6. Put Google Chrome on library PCs! From @mattcutts – a shortcut: Control-Shift-V pastes as plain text (no formatting) –
  7. Great use of a Google Custom Search Engine – Open Access Journals search engine (3600+ titles) – (via @charbooth @oatp)
  8. From @JustinLibrarian: Pretty awesome look at a library loaning out Nooks and a GREAT FAQ
  9. Ammunition to get a library mobile app project approved! 1 of 4 US adults already uses apps [story from @mashable] –
  10. The Complete Android Guide is available in digital & hard copies, & it’s available for free browsing:
  11. Internet Explorer 9 Screenshot Tour: The Best New Features in IE9
  12. From@TechStuffHSW: Is Internet Explorer 9 a glimpse at the future of the Web?
  13. If you work in a library & don’t know what First Sale Doctrine & EULAs are, read this. This kind of stuff affects library digital content and what our future will hold.
  14. Photo of what the new Twitter will look like (photo of screen @ the press event):
  15. Our Favorite Office Objects: Kitchen Goods as Office Storage
  16. Chart has data on ages of social network users (from ALA_TechSource, via @sabram)
  17. Presentation from @DavidLeeKing Collaborative Technology in Libraries (from ALA_TechSource)

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