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LiB Recommends – 2010-09-14

September 14, 2010
  1. William Gibson: the Dangerous Minds interview (from @BoingBoing)
  2. Visualize Your Gmail Activity With Graph Your Inbox – (from @mashable)
  3. Jakob Nielsen: Designing Websites for Children Definitely applicable to library kids sites. (via @NNgroup)
  4. Only 2 more days to register for the @ALA_TechSource workshop ‘Using Tech in Library Training’ w/Paul Signorelli on 9/16
  5. Good, quick post by @nengard on Social media desktop apps and how they can work for you. (via @ALA_TechSource)
  6. Great new post on getting stuff done from @davidleeking – New blog post: Resistance vs Management
  7. From @ALA_TechSource: Social media policy for a one branch public library.
    Heck, libraries of any kind can benefit from this simple approach — quick and painless.

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