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LiB Recommends – 2010-09-12

September 13, 2010
  1. Watch Cory Doctorow’s lecture on Copyright vs. Creativity & think about impact on info access.  It’s seriously inspiring, as are most of Doctorow’s talks. (via @slowtv @doctorow)
  2. Using Netflix at an Academic Library – a TTW Guest Post by Rebecca Fitzgerald @ALA_ACRL (via @mstephens7)
  3. I’m speaking at the Library Journal eConference: “eBooks: Libraries at the Tipping Point – A Virtual Summit.”  Register now!
  4. 5 tips for using Priority Inbox in Gmail (from GoogleAtWork)
  5. A Finnish library patron built a mobile app that scans item barcodes, searches the library’s catalog, shows you available digital & physical copies, and then & gives you directions to the nearest library with it on the shelves.  This is so sweet! (via @href=””>natenatenate)
  6. Google Voice App Adds Home Screen Widgets for Easy Access to Messages – (via @mashable)
  7. 10 Tips for Designing Presentations That Don’t Suck: Pt.2 | @DesignShack (via @ghardin)
  8. Build Project Management Gantt Charts With Gantto (via @webgoddess)

“LiB Recommends – 2010-09-12”

  1. Jaakko Rajaniemi Says:

    Glad that you liked the barcode reader! :)

    I did it for the Apps4Finland competition (Finnish only, sorry). It’s a competition on best open public data usage. The voting (fb-like) is currently ongoing ;)

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