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LiB Recommends – 2010-09-08

September 8, 2010
  1. Google Instant Search Preview Goes Live (pretty sweet if I do say so myself) –
  2. OMG, public libraries! Municode has online versions of U.S. state, city, & county codes! How many times would this have saved my tush on the reference desk? (via Sites and Soundbytes)
  3. 24 Impressive WordPress Blog Plug-ins You Should Consider (from @smexaminer)
  4. creates a newspaper page with Twitter content (user, hashtag, group) in an easy-to-read format:
  5. I get a ton of questions about archiving Tweets. Here’s a great article from @rww: 10 Ways to Archive Your Tweets
  6. is a good service for librarians sharing resource lists. Shorten multiple URLs into one URL & send to a group:
  7. Ebook Reader Overviews (from Lauren Pressley):
  8. So seriously, if you haven’t tried out the interactive Arcade Fire video yet, take the pluge & do it.
  9. How to Be a Hybrid Designer/Developer via @mashdevdesign @mashable
  10. Dutch Library DOK’s New Cutting-edge Community Tech Projects (via @mstephens7) It’s always better in the Netherlands.
  11. There is a generously free chapter of new Library Technology Report by J. Grogg / R. Fleming-May available for viewing about how to analyze electronic resources
  12. I Love My Librarian Award nominations end 9/20! 10 librarians win $5000 & a trip to NY.
  13. Via @mashable “What Your Business Should Know About Facebook Places” – by @benparr (Libraries too!)

“LiB Recommends – 2010-09-08”

  1. Microsoft MCSE Training Courses Says:

    “Google Instant Search”- I’ve notice some change on google search. Now I got the exact matter behind it.

  2. Kate Fitz Says:

    Regarding the municipal codes, only lists the ones published by the Municode company — there are several other companies with some market share. Findlaw lists the Municode ones and others under its state reources links. Go to, select your state, and start hunting — it’s not consistently organized — it may be under Codes and Statutes, Primary Materials, or something else.

  3. Sarah Says:

    Thanks for the recommendation Kate!

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