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LiB Recommends – 2010-09-07

September 7, 2010
  1. has built a new TechStuff podcast page, complete with quizzes and puzzles! (via @TechStuffHSW)
  2. Diagram Designer is a simple program for creating diagrams easily (Windows only). Just used it & love it! –
  3. Check out this FREE Chapter of new Library Technology Report by J. Grogg / R. Fleming-May.  Learn the latest on how to analyze electronic resources, something every library needs to be doing. (via @ALA_TechSource)
  4. Secure those passwords library army! From @Lifehacker: Update Your Insecure Passwords & Make Them Easy to Use
  5. This would be an interesting move, and not surprising given the drop-off of vendor attendance at conferences. From @LibraryJournal: End of the ALA Conference as we know it? Merger with BookExpo America may be coming.
  6. The ACLU Challenges Laptop Searches & Seizures at the Border (via @EFF and @ACLU)

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