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  • 25 HTML5 features to know. Good stuff if you’re just starting with #HTML5 (via @librarianbyday & @UIE)
  • Get a taste of what working at Twitter is like – fun video! via @TheDailyShowFan:
  • Facebook Unveils Safety Page for Educators, Parents, Teens (via @natenatenate):
  • A great presentation from David Lee King, “Getting Permission,” on how to move your ideas forward in your library.  Basically, it’s your responsibility to advocate for what you believe is right!  Push hard, and don’t let barriers (often false ones) stand in your way.
  • Are you overwhelmed? Do you have trouble saying no? Read “7 Simple Ways to Say No.”
  • We all know that design is super subjective, and the worst part of a design process since it’s impossible to get complete agreement on anything design-related.  Design by committee is evil!  If that sounds familiar to you, or you’re facing a design challenge now, check out “Beyond ‘I hate green’: Managing Productive Visual Design Reviews” by Kim Cullen on adaptive path.
  • Library of Congress Launches Their 1st Mobile App a virtual tour of the actual Library of Congress.  Time to geek out! (via @resourceshelf) –
  • Need to explain the various ways to follow you or your library online? A good example is what Mashable just did for its readers: “Follow @Mashable Staff Online” –
  • One of the cooler pop-up books I’ve seen in recent memory (showing the evolution of a town), found via Boing Boing.
  • Two awesome “history of web search” infographics:
  • Rdio offers a totally subscription-worthy streaming music service that not only gives you access to their music like Pandora or do, but it also gives you access from anywhere to your home collection of music.  All for only $4.99-$9.99/month.  I was looking at similar services, but now I’m all over Rdio. Whoo hoo music!  Ars Technica has a good review of the service.

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