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  • Brilliant! RT @sxseventy Today I have invented the sarcasterisk*. It’s for typed sarcasm. Example: Sure, that sounds like a fantastic* idea. My first sarcasterisk* sarcasm: “Oh yes, library eBooks have very flexible* use policies & are easy* to download.” Ta-da!
  • If we believe this we must press library eBook licensing NOW. Via @ALA_TechSource: How Libraries Ensure Ongoing Freedom
  • Niiiiiice! Bash that info overload! “Email Sucks. 5 Time Saving Tips” direct (via @kevinrose):
  • More free eBooks! From @mashable: 10 Essential Free E-Books for Web Designers –
  • Worth a read. The M Word – Free Ebook on Social Media Marketing (via @DigiLibraryBlog @ALALibrary @scstatelibrary):
  • A good recommendation from @s_francoeur If you miss the EtherPad service that allowed massive real-time document collaboration, try
    From @PierreTran: 50 Open Source Replacements for Really Expensive Software | Datamation #opensource
  • Libraries could totally use this on self checks & kiosks! Miracle Film Turns Any Surface into a Touchscreen (@mashable)
  • from @loriayre: New RFID stndrd uses ISIL codes 4 lib locations. US would have 2 use OCLC. Can nonmembers get codes?
  • GetGlue builds social data about media. Way cool. Via @mashable Check in to TV Shows, Movies & More with GetGlue –
  • For my fellow minimalists: From @BoingBoing The nitty-gritty of whittling down your possessions
  • Recently Released/Updated Social Media Infographics W/Plenty of Facts & Stats (FB, etc), (via @resourceshelf)
  • From @jdysart: Reminder: proposal deadline to speak @ Computers In Libraries 2011 is Sept 15 & will NOT be extended,
  • How Steampunk can Save Librarianship: Libraries Redefined (Part 2), from @pcsweeney –

“LiB Recommends – 2010-08-18”

  1. Kim Says:

    Love the sarcasterisk, but it’s not a new thing…

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