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10 Things Android Does Better Than iPhone OS, from Gizmodo.  I knew all 10, but as an Android owner and user, I was bound to ;)

I honestly must say, there is nothing that anyone has shown me about the iPhone or its apps that has made me think “Oh gosh, if only I had that instead!”  Android’s apps, games, OS, functionality, display, user input, and options are so much superior to the iPhone in my mind.

I’m very happy I made the choice I did.  I currently have an HTC Eris, and HTC makes kick-butt phones.  I recommend their phones highly.  If you’re worrying about delving into smart-phone-land, are debating between iPhone or Android, or are even an iPhone user who is thinking of making the switch, I have two words: DO IT.

“Why Android kicks iPhone’s tushie”

  1. Judy Hauser Says:

    I cannot upgrade my phone until July 19 but I will be racing to a Sprint store to get the HTC Evo. I’ve been using a Palm Centro for a while and I like it but I am so anxious to start using a smartphone and an Android phone. I’m glad to hear that you are so happy with your Android phone and that there are tons of apps from which to choose. July 19 can’t get here soon enough!

  2. loki Says:

    @ Judy, all i can say is choose a phone that works for you. Dont choose a phone based on the hype, looks, or others opinions. Try to look beyong that. Whether you go android, ios, rim, or any other, make a decision based on your needs.

    If you go with the htc evo, i hope you really enjoy it. Understand that purchasing a smartphone is somewhat of an investment based on all the apps you may purchase in the future. Much success and June 19 will be here before you know it.

  3. Dave Says:

    Gizmodo’s just lashing out because they’ve had their hands slapped for buying stolen goods and coming out of the whole affair looking like a bunch of jerks.

  4. Dave Says:

    An Android user’s take on iPhone 4:

  5. Scot Colford Says:

    You go, girl. I recently rooted my Android G1 and feel like I have a whole new phone. Try that with an iPhone and see what you end up with.

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  7. Daniel Says:

    The people I know who own Android phones love them.

    I’m on the other side of the same coin. I’ve looked at what Android offers and while its pretty cool, its not been compelling enough to get me off the iPhone.

  8. Valerie Says:

    YES!! I recently got a Motorola Droid and I couldn’t be happier. Android is amazing and like you, I haven’t once wished I had an iPhone instead. This coming from the gal who wanted an iPhone pretty bad and felt like I was settling for a Droid. No way! Best choice I could have made.

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  10. Adelle Frank Says:

    On the whole, yes, Android is better. But, their apps market still needs more work…and I miss being able to zoom in and out using simple finger motions. But, hey!, I bet Google will fix these types of problems faster than Apple! :)

  11. Brian Mathews Says:

    Let’s listen to two ppl play a piano. Both are very good. One has better technical skills and might be able to play things that the other can’t. But… The other is a master performer, he has presense. When he plays you listen. When he plays he moves you. I have no doubt your phone is great and you can point to the “proof” — but I have a spirtual relationship with my iPhone. If you want a great utility or communication tool go with Droid or Blackberry, but if you want a life changing experience there is only the iPhone.

  12. Sarah Houghton-Jan (Librarian in Black) Says:

    Adelle, my Android phone which is an HTC Eris has always had pinch to zoom in and out features, as well as a number of gestures. I even have gesture search installed, which lets me write letters with my fingers and it transcribes those into digital text, and searches accordingly. It had those features when my Eris was running 1.6, and it still has them now that I have Android 2.1.

  13. Jen Says:

    Adelle, I have a Motorolla Droid and it does not come with pinch and zoom but the dolphin browser app fixes that! I love my Droid. the only improvement I would make is to ditch the keyboard. It makes the phone bulky and I don’t know anyone who actually uses it.

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