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The Web Poster Wizard lets you create a quick poster (really a web page) for a class syllabus, a worksheet, 0r project.  I think this could be handy for teachers and trainers with no existing class website or online learning space, who want to write a few paragraphs, add an image and some links, and don’t want to do it in a blog format.  If all you want is a page or two, then this might work better for you.

via Phil Bradley’s Weblog

“Web Poster Wizard: Good for Teachers & Trainers”

  1. Velda Hunter Says:

    I have used WPW for about 10 years and love it. Recently, I embeded my glog within the poster for my schol library’s web page.\7v8el
    I also use a little html to create some of my posters.\2zam24

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