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**drumroll please**

I’m happy to announce the brand new Librarian in Black store!

I’m still adding new products with different designs, but you can take a look at what’s there now!  Right now there are men’s & women’s short & long-sleeved shirts, a hoodie, coffee & travel mugs, stickers, buttons, and magnets.

My tagline is the focus: “Amazingly informed and therefore properly opinionated.”  I know my readers are quite informed, and I hope you are all equally opinionated.  You’ve earned it!  Now wear it on your sleeve!

If anyone wants a particular type of product that I haven’t put into the store yet, let me know.  It’s really easy on Zazzle to add a new item, so pick your item (I’ll even do items with color if you ask really, really nicely :P)

And if you’re going to be at CIL, come find me.  I have freebie LiB swag to give away to the smartest, most wonderful people in the world: library lovers and tech monkeys!  If you fall into both categories, you absolutely get bonus points :)

LiB store

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