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Check out Overdrive’s Program for Visually Impaired Readers, LEAP (Library eBook Accessibility Program).  Libraries — link to this from your eBooks pages if you have OverDrive, + promote the heck out of it wherever you can.  You have more disabled users than you know. From their announcement:

Overdrive has created a program named LEAP (Library eBook Accessibility Program) and it’s now up and running at the Cleveland Public Library. OverDrive is fully funding this program and offering LEAP to your qualifying patrons at no cost to the library and at no cost to your patrons.

If a patron of your library has a print or visual disability, they will be eligible for a LEAP account at Bookshare has established this program solely for qualified patrons of U.S. public libraries that offer eBooks from OverDrive. LEAP account patrons will be able to download and read up to 20 accessible eBooks each month. The Bookshare national catalog of titles is growing each month with thousands of popular titles available, though it should be noted that it is not the identical collection of eBooks that OverDrive provides to your library.

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“Overdrive’s New Program for Visually Impaired Readers”

  1. movies Says:

    i like LEAP (Library eBook Accessibility Program).

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