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IndieBound is a fabulous website that directs you to independent book stores in your area where you can either pick up the books you want or order online. Pop in your zip code, search for your title, and go! It’s really nice and a good alternative to Amazon.  Something to point out to library customers too, I think.

“IndieBound: quick route to buying at independent book stores”

  1. Steve Watkins Says:

    Thanks for highlighting this great resource, Sarah. Like many libraries we provide links out from our catalog to a variety of sources of additional information about a given title, some of which are also places where users could potentially purchase a copy of the book. Since IndieBound supports a simple format for linking to a title by ISBN, I just added it to our catalog as another added value for our users and as a good alternative to the large commercial bookstore chains.

    –Steve Watkins, CSU Monterey Bay Library

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