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If you just can’t get enough Sarah, take a listen to an interview I did for T is for Training.  Host Maurice Coleman hosts this regular call-in show, the podcasts of which are posted for later listening too.  This episode was an interview with yours truly.  I talk about tech stuff, training stuff, and some personal Sarah-outside-of-work stuff too (such as my recent pursuit of a true work-life balance). The interview is below, or you can go to the T is for Training website to hear it and learn more about their other shows & interviews.

“Sarah interviewed on T is for Training”

  1. EIleen O'Shea Says:

    Great podcast, Sarah! I’m going to blog about it. Congrats on the new book, too!!

  2. EIleen O'Shea Says:

    p.s. I love my iphone loads!!

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