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Was anyone else surprised that Obama declared this month (October 2009) National Information Literacy Awareness Month?  I’m all for info literacy, and work toward that every day for both staff & customers (though I’d prefer to call it something not insulting, like ‘Information Awareness’ or ‘How-to-Find-Stuff-Skills’).  But to have a whole month declared for it?  Strange, but hey…if it makes a few more people able to analyze the junkiness of random web pages, it’s worth it.

So, along those lines, what are you doing in your library to use this national awareness month to help people find reliable information easier?

“Obama’s nod to info literacy”

  1. Jim Peterson Says:

    As we are experiencing record numbers of patrons & circulations this year at the Goodnight Memorial Library, we are just barely floating along by doing web searches and pointing people to some of the online resources.

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