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Looking for a free and simple way to set up conference calls between your staff members, or perhaps with outside agencies?  Check out

This seemed too good to be true, but it’s a totally free service that accommodates up to 96 separate callers with a simple dial-in number, for up to 6 hours per call.  The calls are recorded so you can access the call later.  The calls are private too (their privacy policy seems to check out to me).  Plus, there are no ads.  No kidding.

This would be a great way to offer call-in training sessions to staff where a lecture-style format would work best.  Or a quick call-in teleconference between staff members on a team who are in different locations.  Can we say sweet online perfection?

“Free Conference Calls for Trainings or Meetings (no catch)”

  1. Maureen Says:

    I’ve used a few times for webinars and never had any problems with them. I’d recommend them for sure. We ended up paying for the 800 number so that the attendees wouldn’t need to call long distance but their rates for that services were great.

  2. Michael Golrick Says:

    I, too, have used them. As a matter of fact I think that several ALA committees and task forces regularly use them.

    The service is great, and they send a reminder message if you are on their list,

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