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San Jose Public Library's Flip Mino CamerasUsually technology projects and branding go hand in hand, though a little big shakily at times.  However, when I got the go ahead to buy a set of Flip Mino digital video cameras  for our libraries, I decided to brand my little heart out.  The result is a “design-your-own” Flip Mino with the library’s colors and logo.  I love it.  Hopefully it will look as good in person as it does online!

But this does beg the question…why not take advantage of cheap branding (in this case, free branding) whenever available?  Customers will see us using our cameras at events, see the logo, and that connection between “You’re gonna be on YouTube!” and “The Library” is made.

And really, it doesn’t have to be a logo.  It can be something fun, like a photo of each branch library on its own camera (instead of one uniform look).  Or it could be the winning design from a teen design contest.  Or…., well, you get the drift.   Why not take advantage of potential fun when we can?

“Customized Flip Mino Cameras for the San Jose Public Library”

  1. Theo Karantsalis Says:

    Excellent work, Sarah. That’s a great idea. Theo

  2. Jeff Scott Says:

    Great way to brand your library. I completely agree about branding services. This looks very slick.

  3. virginia @ marketing the public library Says:

    That looks amazing. How simple and yet elusive to most, I bet! Trackback:

  4. Sarah Scully Says:

    Thanks for sharing great tip to take advantage of free marketing with custom cases.

    However, I’ll be very interested in a technology review of these cameras after they’ve circulated (or used by library staff) for 6 months. Thus far, 30% of the Flip cameras (the original model) that we purchased have failed within 6 months of deployment. They are cheap, and therefore replaceable. But when students lose their projects due to techo-failure (video footage stuck in the camera, which fails to be recognized by a computer and therefore not-downloadable) our experience has been that they blame the lending institution rather than the manufacturer. We’re now looking at other point-and-shoot pocket camera options based on our experience (Dartmouth College Library).

  5. Laurel Eby Says:

    I want one!

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  7. Liz Delzell Says:

    We actually made a branded Flip camera in March – and trust us, it looks as great in person as it does online! We used it to film a teen game show program we put it and the kids made the connection you were referring to here… whoa, the Library has a YouTube account?? :D And as we don’t lend our camera, we also figured “who’d want to take a camera with our logo plastered on the front?”… so yeah, built in security. ;)

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