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Looking for an alternative to SharePoint (Microsoft’s enterprise collaboration tool)?  Check out Clearspace, an enterprise collaboration solution much like SharePoint.  It is not free, but offers a 30-day free trial, an instant "test-drive," and a free live demo for interested parties.  From what I could see, it’s a lot more "Web 2.0"-ish looking than SharePoint, offers some additional functionality, and .  I can’t speak to the issues of pricing or support, but their customer list sure is impressive: Dell, Intel, Electronic Arts, Netflix, Oracle, GE, etc. 

found via eHub

“Clearspace: online collaboration software”

  1. Another SharePoint Alternative Says:

    our company was also looking for sharepoint alternatives, considering the expense associated with the former. one of the first few tools which came up on searching sharepoint alternative was hyperoffice and it stuck. We simply needed to sign up online to use their SharePoint features like document management, intranet/extranet publishing & customization. In addition we also got many prebuilt tools like email, calendars, task management, contact lists etc, which let us set up a robust intranet

  2. Scott Annan Says:

    For a more robust, easy to use alternative to Sharepoint that is being used by companies big and small, you should check out Collaboration. Its free and gives you everything you need from a team collaboration perspective.

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