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Library anime

April 14, 2008

Yes, there is another library-themed anime series: Library WarThe Anime News Network links to a commercial and a brief trailer for the series.  I love that the series is focused on libraries battling a government that is trying to censor information…true greatness. The series debuted on Japanese television on April 10th and you can already find versions of it for (illegal) download all over the web.  Not that I encourage that  type of behavior.  Oh no. 

“Library anime”

  1. Tom Maillioux Says:

    As far as library-related animes are concerned, my must-see so far was Read Or Die – the three short OVAs, not the series – and their British Library Intelligence Services (or something similar that eludes me right now). Do give it a seeing if you can !

  2. Naruto Episodes Says:

    Lol. I’ll check into that Library Wars. Sounds like a good series to watch. Gonna check it out and if I find some links to watch it on the net (legal) then I’ll post some links here. Thank you again!

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