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The always fun ars technica has a brief post entitled Book Lovers Have Emotional Bond with Paper.  We knew that.  Studies keep coming out that show this – that people like the visceral touch of paper in their hands.  And I for one don’t think that will stop any time soon, but nor will that stop some users from turning to digital media to do some or all of their reading.  A blended experience is the most likely outcome, not a hard and fast march in either the digital or the analog direction. 

“Book Lovers Have Emotional Bond with Paper”

  1. Paul Signorelli Says:

    Another nice call for reason; if you keep this up, you’re going to gain a reputation for…for…well, for being reasonable, and everyone knows there is no future in that.

    Joking aside, I want to compliment you for the underlying message of your belief in a “blended experience.” It never ceases to amaze me that we so consistently allow ourselves to be forced into either-or decisions when there’s nothing stopping us from and-and decisions–in this case, using print materials (which I love) and online resources (which I also love). If this simple lesson were learned by large numbers of us, there would probably be fewer arguments (and blog postings, perhaps), and we might all be happier campers.

    Thanks for attempting to remove a little of the fuel from a fire which continues to rage unnecessarily.

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